FBI Albuquerque Citizens
Academy Alumni Association

The Albuquerque FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association, in Partnership with La Vida Llena’s Life Enrichment Services Department, is proud to sponsor and excited to announce a special speaker event “Elder Fraud”. In a collaborative effort between the FBI, State Agencies and Local Senior Centers, all agreed that elder fraud continues to victimize our aging population.

Elder fraud has been identified as an issue within the State of New Mexico, that effects our senior population and is one of the today challenging topics’. This issue effects, our seniors, care givers as well as the agencies that are working to help the victim’s involved in these crimes. It is a tragedy that this demographic of our community has been relentlessly targeted by nefarious offenders both locally, internationally, family members and foe.  Watching the stories that our news picks up brings awareness to the problem. 

Listen to experts from NM AG’s office, NM State Securities and Regulations and the FBI Albuquerque Division. Topics being addressed: Financial Exploitation, its statistics, resources; Scams like SSA, ID theft, Medicaid/Medicare fraud (all these 3 are also perpetrated by care givers), Elder Abuse, Exploitation & Neglect, how to file complaints and Affinity Fraud

The FBI Albuquerque Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from FBI.